Authentic Ancient Roman Artifacts Including Gold Rings, Intaglios, Armor Decoration and Oil Lamps VIDEOS

Authentic Ancient Roman Artifacts Made of Gold, Silver, Bronze & Terracotta circa 1st-3rd Centuries A.D.

Videos explores various ancient Roman artifacts includings rings, AES Rude proto-money, Erotic Oil Lamps and Much More available for sale online in top-rated eBay shop

This video is designed to explore several different artifacts. It first starts out with an ancient Roman gold marriage ring which features clasped hands. Then we move on to a silver Roman ring featuring a Carnelian stone intaglio with the Capricorn Zodiac symbol on it. Afterwards we explore Hermes / Mercury connection with a gold ring featuring an Carnelian stone intaglio with the god holding a money pouch. The next item is an ancient Roman early Christian application with the word ‘ichthus’ in Greek which is the word for fish, the origination of the Jesus Fish symbolism. The one explored after is a figurine of Cupid / Eros, the son of Venus who is often depicted with her in ancient art.

The next artifact to be explored is what is known as an AES Rude which is a form of proto-money that the ancient Romans used for trade before they issued coins. These were rough clumps of bronze and this example is the largest I have ever came across.

The last artifact is an amazing Medusa / Gorgon / Gorgoneion head bronze what is ostensibly a breastplate on armor application. You see the head depicted even on Alexander the Great and various other military commanders and emperors. The idea of the Medusa head on the armor was for it to paralyze your enemy and give you an easy victory. The mythological story is with Perseus who beheaded the Medusa who is a gorgon, which is a grotesque snake-haired monster that turns man into stone. Perseus gives the head to Athena who puts it on her armor or shield, and is now known as an aegis. The English term to be under someone’s aegis means to be under their protection.

In the second video about oil lamps, it talks about the most impressive or sought-after authentic ancient Roman terracotta (clay)  oil lamps in existence. Oil lamps were used for everyday lighting for thousands of years to light up homes. There were many plain designs, but there were ones that featured ornate artistic designs. The man and woman embracing in these oil lamps is the most sought-after design along with those of gladiatorial combat scenes. The other designs that can be noted may be too numerous to name, but gods and goddesses are often seen along with animals. Overall ancient oil lamps are an amazing field all on their own to collect.

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Authentic ANCIENT Roman MARRIAGE Hands Clasped GOLD Ring Jewelry Artifact i66770
Authentic Ancient Roman CAPRICORN ZODIAC Carnelian Silver Intaglio Ring i66771
50BC Authentic Ancient GOLD Roman MERCURY HERMES CARNELIAN Intaglio Ring i66772
Early CHRISTIAN Roman Time 100-300AD GOLD Jesus FISH in GREEK Artifact i66773
100BC Authentic Ancient Roman Terracotta Clay CUPID EROS Figure Artifact i66774
5-4th Centuries BC Ancient Roman AES RUDE Proto Money CLUMP Before Coins i66775
100BC Authentic Ancient Roman MEDUSA GORGON likely for ARMOR Artifact i66776
5AD Authentic Ancient Roman MAN & WOMAN EMBRACING Terracotta Oil Lamp i66817
5AD Authentic Ancient Roman MAN & WOMAN EMBRACING Terracotta Oil Lamp i66818