Ancient Greek Coins by Area

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List of Ancient Greek Cities, Areas and Kingdoms organized Alphabetically by Area


  • Aeolis, Aegae
  • Aeolis, Autokane
  • Aeolis, Boione
  • Aeolis, Elaea
  • Aeolis, Grynion
  • Aeolis, Kyme
  • Aeolis, Larissa Phrikonis
  • Aeolis, Myrina
  • Aeolis, Neandria
  • Aeolis, Neonteichos
  • Aeolis, Temnos
  • Aeolis, Tisna


  • Aigina


  • Aitolia

Akarnania, Anaktorion
Akarnania, Argos Amphilochikon
Akarnania, Astakos
Akarnania, Leukas
Akarnania, Metropolis
Akarnania, Oiniadai
Akarnania, Thyrrheion

Apulia, Arpi
Apulia, Asculum
Apulia, Azetion
Apulia, Barium
Apulia, Butuntum
Apulia, Caelia
Apulia, Canusium
Apulia, Hyrium
Apulia, Luceria
Apulia, Mateola
Apulia, Neapolis
Apulia, Rubi
Apulia, Salapia
Apulia, Teate
Apulia, Venusia

Arabia, Bostra
Arabia, Himyarites
Arabia, Nabataea
Arabia, Petra
Arabia, Philippopolis

Argolis, Argos
Argolis, Epidauros
Argolis, Hermione
Argolis, Kleonai
Argolis, Methana
Argolis, Tiryns
Argolis, Troezen

Arkadia, Alea
Arkadia, Antigoneia
Arkadia, Arkadian League
Arkadia, Cleitor
Arkadia, Heraia
Arkadia, Mantineia
Arkadia, Megalopolis
Arkadia, Orchomenus
Arkadia, Pallantion
Arkadia, Pheneos
Arkadia, Phialea-Phigaleia, Arkadia
Arkadia, Psophis
Arkadia, Stymphalos
Arkadia, Tegea
Arkadia, Thelpusa

Armenia, Arsames
Armenia, Artavasdes II
Armenia, Artavasdes III
Armenia, Mithradates
Armenia, Tigranes II
Armenia, Tigranes III
Armenia, Tigranes IV

Asia Minor
Asia Minor early issues, uncertain

Attica, Athens
Attica, Eleusis

Axum, Afilas
Axum, Agd
Axum, Alla Amidas
Axum, Anonymous
Axum, Armah
Axum, Ebana
Axum, Ella Gabaz
Axum, Eon
Axum, Ezana
Axum, Gersem
Axum, Hataz
Axum, Ioel
Axum, Israel
Axum, Kaleb
Axum, Mhdys
Axum, Nezool
Axum, Ouazebas
Axum, Ousanas
Axum, Saifu
Axum, Wazeba
Axum, Wazeba II
Axum, Wazena


(See also “Indo-Scythians” below)
Baktria, Kings, Agathokleia
Baktria, Kings, Agathokles
Baktria, Kings, Amyntas
Baktria, Kings, Antialkidas
Baktria, Kings, Antimachos I
Baktria, Kings, Antimachos II
Baktria, Kings, Apollodotos I
Baktria, Kings, Apollodotos II
Baktria, Kings, Archebios
Baktria, Kings, Artemidoros
Baktria, Kings, Demetrios I
Baktria, Kings, Demetrios II
Baktria, Kings, Diodotos I
Baktria, Kings, Diodotos II
Baktria, Kings, Diomedes
Baktria, Kings, Epander
Baktria, Kings, Eukratides I
Baktria, Kings, Eukratides II
Baktria, Kings, Euthydemos I
Baktria, Kings, Euthydemos II
Baktria, Kings, Heliokles I
Baktria, Kings, Heliokles II
Baktria, Kings, Hermaios
Baktria, Kings, Hippostratos
Baktria, Kings, Lysias
Baktria, Kings, Menander
Baktria, Kings, Nikias
Baktria, Kings, Pentaleon
Baktria, Kings, Philoxenos
Baktria, Kings, Plato
Baktria, Kings, Polyxenos
Baktria, Kings, Sophytes
Baktria, Kings, Strato I
Baktria, Kings, Strato II
Baktria, Kings, Telephos
Baktria, Kings, Theophilos
Baktria, Kings, Zoilos

Bithynia, Apamea
Bithynia, Bithynium
Bithynia, Caesarea Germanica
Bithynia, Creteia-Flaviopolis
Bithynia, Dia
Bithynia, Herakleia Pontika
Bithynia, Juliopolis
Bithynia, Kalchedon
Bithynia, Kings, Nikomedes I
Bithynia, Kings, Nikomedes II
Bithynia, Kings, Nikomedes III
Bithynia, Kings, Prusias I
Bithynia, Kings, Prusias II
Bithynia, Kios
Bithynia, Nicaea
Bithynia, Nicomedia
Bithynia, Prusa Ad Olympum
Bithynia, Prusias Ad Hypium
Bithynia, Prusias ad Mare (Kios)
Bithynia, Tion
Boeotia, Haliartos
Boeotia, Orchomenus
Boeotia, Plataea
Boeotia, Tanagra
Boeotia, Thebes
Boeotia, Thespiae

Bosporos, Gorgippia
Bosporos, Kings
Bosporos, Kings, Asander
Bosporos, Kings, Aspurgus
Bosporos, Kings, Eupator
Bosporos, Kings, Gepaepyris
Bosporos, Kings, Kotys I
Bosporos, Kings, Kotys II
Bosporos, Kings, Kotys III
Bosporos, Kings, Leukon II
Bosporos, Kings, Mithradates
Bosporos, Kings, Rheskuporis II
Bosporos, Kings, Rheskuporis III
Bosporos, Kings, Rheskuporis IV
Bosporos, Kings, Rheskuporis V
Bosporos, Kings, Rhoemetalkes
Bosporos, Kings, Sauromates I
Bosporos, Kings, Sauromates II
Bosporos, Kings, Thothorses
Bosporos, Phanagoreia

Bruttium, Brettii
Bruttium, Heiponion
Bruttium, Kaulonia
Bruttium, Kroton
Bruttium, Lokroi
Bruttium, Mesma
Bruttium, Mystia And Hyporon
Bruttium, Nuceria
Bruttium, Petelia
Bruttium, Pandosia
Bruttium, Punic
Bruttium, Rhegion
Bruttium, Skylletium
Bruttium, Temesa
Bruttium, Terina
Bruttium, Vibo Valencia

Byzacene, Hadrumetum

Calabria, Brundisium
Calabria, Graxa
Calabria, Hyria
Calabria, Taras
Calabria, Uxentum

Campania, Allifae
Campania, Atella
Campania, Caiatia
Campania, Cales
Campania, Campani
Campania, Capua
Campania, Compulteria
Campania, Cumae
Campania, Hyria
Campania, Neapolis
Campania, Nola
Campania, Nuceria Alfaterna
Campania, Phistelia
Campania, Suessa Aurunca
Campania, Teanum

Cappadocia, Caesarea
Cappadocia, Kings, Archelaus
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes I
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes II
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes III
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes IV
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes IX
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes V
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes VI
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes VII
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes VIII
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes X
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariobarzanes I
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariobarzanes II
Cappadocia, Kings, Ariobarzanes III
Cappadocia, Kings, Orophernes
Cappadocia, Eusebeia = Caesarea
Cappadocia, Cybistra = Kybistra
Cappadocia, Tyana

Caria, Alabanda
Caria, Alinda
Caria, Amyzon
Caria, Antioch Ad Meandrum
Caria, Aphrodisias
Caria, Appolonia Salbace
Caria, Attuda
Caria, Bargylia
Caria, Cidramus
Caria, Euippe
Caria, Euromus
Caria, Halikarnassos
Caria, Harpagion
Caria, Harpasa
Caria, Heraclea Salbace
Caria, Hydisos
Caria, Iasos
Caria, Idyma
Caria, Kalymna
Caria, Kaunos
Caria, Keramos
Caria, Kindya
Caria, Knidos
Caria, Kos
Caria, Megiste
Caria, Mygissos
Caria, Mylasa
Caria, Myndos
Caria, Neapolis ad Harpasum
Caria, Nisyros
Caria, Orthosia
Caria, Sebastopolis
Caria, Stratonikeia
Caria, Syangela
Caria, Tabae
Caria, Telos
Caria, Trapezopolis
Caria, Uncertain
Caria, Satraps, Hekatomnos
Caria, Satraps, Hidrieus
Caria, Satraps, Maussollos
Caria, Satraps, Memnon
Caria, Satraps, Pixodaros
Caria, Satraps, Tissaphernes

Characene, Adinerglos
Characene, Attambelos I
Characene, Attambelos II
Characene, Attambelos III
Characene, Maga

Cilicia, Adana
Cilicia, Aigeai
Cilicia, Alexandria ad Issum
Cilicia, Anazarbus
Cilicia, Anemurium
Cilicia, Augusta
Cilicia, Casae
Cilicia, Cestrus
Cilicia, Colybrassus
Cilicia, Coropissos
Cilicia, Diocaesarea
Cilicia, Elaiussa-Sebaste
Cilicia, Epiphania
Cilicia, Flaviopolis
Cilicia, Hieropolis-Kastabala
Cilicia, Holmoi
Cilicia, Irenopolis
Cilicia, Isaura
Cilicia, Issos
Cilicia, Kelenderis
Cilicia, Kings, Philopator
Cilicia, Kings, Tarkondimotos
Cilicia, Korykos
Cilicia, Laertes
Cilicia, Lalassis
Cilicia, Lyrbe
Cilicia, Mallos
Cilicia, Mopsus
Cilicia, Myriandrus
Cilicia, Nagidos
Cilicia, Ninica-Claudiopolis
Cilicia, Olba
Cilicia, Philadelphia
Cilicia, Rhosus
Cilicia, Satraps, Datames
Cilicia, Satraps, Mazaios
Cilicia, Satraps, Pharnabazos
Cilicia, Satraps, Tiribazos
Cilicia, Seleukeia
Cilicia, Selinus
Cilicia, Soloi (Pompeiopolis)
Cilicia, Syedra
Cilicia, Tarsos
Cilicia, Titiopolis
Cilicia, Uncertain
Cilicia, Zephyrium

Commagene, Kings, Antiochos IV
Commagene, Kings, Epiphanes And Callinucus
Commagene, Kings, Iotape
Commagene, Caesarea Germanica
Commagene, Samosata
Commagene, Zeugma



Crete, Aptera
Crete, Arkadians
Crete, Axos
Crete, Chersonesos
Crete, Eleutherna
Crete, Elyros
Crete, Gortyna
Crete, Hierapytna
Crete, Itanos
Crete, Knossos
Crete, Koinon
Crete, Kydonia
Crete, Lappa
Crete, Lyttos
Crete, Phaistos
Crete, Phalasarna
Crete, Polyrhenion
Crete, Praisos
Crete, Priansos
Crete, Rhaukos
Crete, Sybrita
Crete, Tylisos

Cyclades, Aegiale
Cyclades, Anaphe
Cyclades, Andros
Cyclades, Arkesine
Cyclades, Delos
Cyclades, Ios
Cyclades, Karthaea
Cyclades, Melos
Cyclades, Mykonos
Cyclades, Naxos
Cyclades, Paros
Cyclades, Seriphos
Cyclades, Siphnos
Cyclades, Syros

Cyprus, Amathus
Cyprus, Kition
Cyprus, Marion
Cyprus, Neopaphos
Cyprus, Paphos
Cyprus, Salamis

Dacia, Koson

Egypt, Alexandria
Egypt, Arsinoe II
Egypt, Berenike II
Egypt, Cleopatra VII
Egypt, Nektanebo II
Egypt, Ptolemy I
Egypt, Ptolemy II
Egypt, Ptolemy III
Egypt, Ptolemy IV
Egypt, Ptolemy IX
Egypt, Ptolemy V
Egypt, Ptolemy VI
Egypt, Ptolemy VIII
Egypt, Ptolemy X
Egypt, Ptolemy XII
Egypt, Uncertain

Kephalenia, Pale
Elis, Pale
Elis, Proni
Elis, Olympia
Elis, Same
Elis, Zakynthos


Epeiros, Ambrakia
Epeiros, Buthrotum
Epeiros, Kings, Alexander The Molossian
Epeiros, Kings, Pyrrhos
Epeiros, Koinon
Epeiros, Nikopolis

Etruria, Arretium
Etruria, Cosa
Etruria, Luca
Etruria, Populonia

Euboia, Chalkis
Euboia, Eretria
Euboia, Euboian League
Euboia, Histiaia
Euboia, Karystos

Frentani, Larinum

Galatia, Ankyra
Galatia, Kings, Amyntas
Galatia, Kings, Deiotaros
Galatia, Pessinos
Galatia, Tavion

Gaul, Cabellio
Gaul, Massalia
Gaul, Narbonensis
Gaul, Nemausus
Gaul, Vienna

Illyria, Apollonia
Illyria, Ballaeus, King
Illyria, Damastion
Illyria, Dyrrhachium
Illyria, Pharos

Indo Scythians, Indo Parthians and Kushans (see also Baktria)
Indo Scythians
Indo Scythians, Azes I and II
Indo Scythians, Azilises
Indo Scythians, Gondophares
Kushans, Huvishka
Kushans, Kadphises I (Kujula)
Kushans, Kadphises II (Vima)
Indo Scythians, Kanerkes
Indo Scythians, Kanishka I
Indo Scythians, Kharahostes
Indo Scythians, Maues
Indo-Scythians, Soter Megas
Indo Scythians, Spalagdames
Indo Scythians, Spalirises
Kushans, Vasu Deva I & II
Indo Scythians, Vonones
Indo Scythians, Zeionises

Ionia, Airai
Ionia, Chios
Ionia, Ephesos
Ionia, Erythrai
Ionia, Herakleia
Ionia, Klazomenai
Ionia, Kolophon
Ionia, Lebedos
Ionia, Leukai
Ionia, Magnesia
Ionia, Metropolis
Ionia, Miletos
Ionia, Myus
Ionia, Naulochos
Ionia, Oinoe
Ionia, Pedasa
Ionia, Phokaia
Ionia, Phygela
Ionia, Priene
Ionia, Samos
Ionia, Smyrna
Ionia, Teos
Ionia, Uncertain

Italy, Uncertain

Judaea (see also Palestine)
Judaea & Palestine
Judaea, Aelia Capitolina
Judaea, Agrippa I
Judaea, Agrippa II
Judaea, Alexander Jannaeus
Judaea, Antonius Felix
Judaea, Aristobulus
Judaea, Askalon
Judaea, Berenice
Judaea, Coponius
Judaea, Herod I
Judaea, Herod Agrippa I
Judaea, Herod Antipas
Judaea, Herod Archelaus
Judaea, Herod Philip
Judaea, John Hyrcanus I
Judaea, John Hyrcanus II
Judaea, Judah Aristobulus
Judaea, Marcus Ambibulus
Judaea, Mattathias Antigonus
Judaea, Pontius Pilate
Judaea, Porcius Festus
Judaea, Valerius Gratus
Judaea, Yehud

Kolchis, Dioskourias

Kyrenaica, Barce
Kyrenaica, Euhesperides

Laconia, Asopus
Laconia, Gythium
Laconia, Kranae
Laconia, Lacedaemon

Latium, Alba Fucens
Latium, Signia

Lesbos, Eresos
Lesbos, Methymna
Lesbos, Mytilene
Lesbos, Nesos

Lokris, Lokris Opuntii

Lucania, Herakleia
Lucania, Hyele (Velia)
Lucania, Laos
Lucania, Lucani
Lucania, Metapontion
Lucania, Poseidonia-Paestum
Lucania, Sybaris
Lucania, Thourioi
Lucania, Velia

Lycaonia, Barata
Lycaonia, Derbe
Lycaonia, Iconium
Lycaonia, Ilistra
Lycaonia, Laodikeia Combusta
Lycaonia, Laranda
Lycaonia, Lystra
Lycaonia, Savatra

Lycia, Arycanda
Lycia, Balbura
Lycia, Bubon
Lycia, Cadyanda
Lycia, Cyana = Kyaneai
Lycia, Dynasts, Ddenevele
Lycia, Dynasts, Kherei
Lycia, Dynasts, Kuprilli
Lycia, Dynasts, Mithrapata
Lycia, Dynasts, Perikle
Lycia, Dynasts, Puresis
Lycia, Dynasts, Sppntaza
Lycia, Dynasts, Trbbenimi
Lycia, Dynasts, Uncertain
Lycia, Dynasts, Uvug
Lycia, Dynasts, Vedevie
Lycia, Dynasts, Vedrei
Lycia, Dynasts, Vekhssere
Lycia, Dynasts, Zagaba
Lycia, Kragos
Lycia, Kyaneai = Cyana
Lycia, Limyra
Lycia, Masikytes
Lycia, Myra
Lycia, Oinoanda
Lycia, Patara
Lycia, Phaselis
Lycia, Termessos Minor
Lycia, Tlos

Lydia, Acrasus
Lydia, Aninetos
Lydia, Apollonis
Lydia, Apollonoshieron
Lydia, Attaleia
Lydia, Aureliopolis (Tmolus-)
Lydia, Bagis
Lydia, Blaundos
Lydia, Briula
Lydia, Caystriani
Lydia, Cilbiani Kilbiani
Lydia, Daldis-Flaviopolis
Lydia, Dioshieron
Lydia, Gordus-Julia
Lydia, Hermocapelia
Lydia, Hierocaesareia
Lydia, Hypaepa
Lydia, Hyrkanis
Lydia, Kings, Alyattes
Lydia, Kings, Autophradates
Lydia, Kings, Cambyses
Lydia, Kings, Darius I
Lydia, Kings, Kroisos
Lydia, Kings, Persian
Lydia, Kings, Spithridates
Lydia, Kings, Uncertain
Lydia, Kaystriani
Lydia, Klannudda
Lydia, Maeonia
Lydia, Magnesia
Lydia, Mastaura
Lydia, Mostene
Lydia, Nacrasa
Lydia, Nysa
Lydia, Nikaia Kilbiani (Nicaea)
Lydia, Philadelphia
Lydia, Saitta
Lydia, Sala
Lydia, Sardes
Lydia, Silandos
Lydia, Tabala
Lydia, Thyateira
Lydia, Titacazus
Lydia, Tmolus-Aureliopolis
Lydia, Tomaris
Lydia, Tralleis
Lydia, Tripolis

Macedonia, Aeneia
Macedonia, Aigai
Macedonia, Akanthos
Macedonia, amphaxitis
Macedonia, Amphipolis
Macedonia, Aphytis
Macedonia, Apollonia
Macedonia, Argilos
Macedonia, Bottiaea
Macedonia, Bottice
Macedonia, Cassandrea
Macedonia, Dium
Macedonia, Edessa
Macedonia, Eion
Macedonia, Heracleia Sintica
Macedonia, Kings
Macedonia, Kings, Adaeus
Macedonia, Kings, Aeropos
Macedonia, Kings, Alexander I
Macedonia, Kings, Alexander III
Macedonia, Kings, Alexander V
Macedonia, Kings, Amyntas II
Macedonia, Kings, Amyntas III
Macedonia, Kings, Anonymous
Macedonia, Kings, Antigonos Doson
Macedonia, Kings, Antigonos Gonatas
Macedonia, Kings, Antigonos Monophthalamos
Macedonia, Kings, Archelaus
Macedonia, Kings, Autonomous
Macedonia, Kings, Demetrios I Poliorcetes
Macedonia, Kings, Demetrios II
Macedonia, Kings, Interregnum
Macedonia, Kings, Kassander
Macedonia, Kings, Pausanias
Macedonia, Kings, Perdikkas II
Macedonia, Kings, Perdikkas III
Macedonia, Kings, Perseus
Macedonia, Kings, Philip II
Macedonia, Kings, Philip III
Macedonia, Kings, Philip V
Macedonia, Kings, Philip VI
Macedonia, Kings, Ptolemy Keraunos
Macedonian Koinon
Macedonia, Lete
Macedonia, Mende
Macedonia, Neapolis
Macedonia, Olynthos
Macedonia, Orthagoreia
Macedonia, Paroreia
Macedonia, Pella
Macedonia, Philippi
Macedonia, Potidaea
Macedonia, Pydna
Macedonia, Roman Province
Macedonia, Sermylia
Macedonia, Skione
Macedonia, Stobi
Macedonia, Terone
Macedonia, Thermai
Macedonia, Thessalonica
Macedonia, Tragilos
Macedonia, Trieros
Macedonia, Uranopolis

Mauretania, Kings, Juba II
Mauretania, Kings, Ptolemy
Mauretania, Kings, Syphax
Mauretania, Lix
Mauretania, Semes
Mauretania, Tingis

Megaris, Megara
Megaris, Pagae


Mesopotamia, Carrhae
Mesopotamia, Edessa
Mesopotamia, Hatra
Mesopotamia, Nisibis
Mesopotamia, Rhesaena
Mesopotamia, Seleukeia
Mesopotamia, Singara

Messenia, Kyparissia
Messenia, Messene
Messenia, Mothone
Messenia, Pylus

Moesia, Dionysopolis
Moesia, Markianopolis
Moesia, Nikopolis
Moesia, Viminacium

Mysia, Adramyteion
Mysia, Apollonia ad Rhyndacum
Mysia, Astyra
Mysia, Atarneos
Mysia, Attaea
Mysia, Eleutheria
Mysia, Gambrion
Mysia, Germe
Mysia, Hadrianeia
Mysia, Hadrianotherae
Mysia, Iolla
Mysia Kame
Mysia, Kyzikos
Mysia, Lampsakos
Mysia, Miletopolis
Mysia, Parion
Mysia, Pergamon
Mysia, Pergamon, Attalos I
Mysia, Pergamon, Eumenes I
Mysia, Pergamon, Eumenes III
Mysia, Pergamon, Philetairos
Mysia, Pitane
Mysia, Plakia
Mysia, Priapos
Mysia, Prokonnesos
Mysia, Thebe

Numidia, Hippo Regius

Paeonia, Audolean
Paeonia, Lykkeios
Paeonia, Mosses
Paeonia, Patraos

Palestine, Anthedon
Palestine, Charach-Moba
Palestine, Diospolis
Palestine, Eleutheropolis
Palestine, Gaba
Palestine, Gaza
Palestine, Marisa
Palestine, Rabbath-Moba
Palestine, Raphia
Palestine, Sepphoris
Palestine, Tiberias

Pamphylia, Aspendos
Pamphylia, Attaleia
Pamphylia, Magydus
Pamphylia, Perga
Pamphylia, Side
Pamphylia, Sillyum

Abonoteichos (Ionopolis), Paphlagonia
Paphlagonia, Amastris
Paphlagonia, Germanicopolis
Abonoteichos (Ionopolis), Paphlagonia
Paphlagonia, Kings, Pylaimenes
Paphlagonia, Kromna
Paphlagonia, Neoclaudiopolis
Paphlagonia, Pimolisa
Paphlagonia, Sesamos
Paphlagonia, Sinope

Peloponnesos, Achaean League
Peloponnesos, Achaia, Aigiera
Peloponnesos, Achaia, Aigion
Peloponnesos, Achaia, Dyme
Peloponnesos, Achaia, Helike
Peloponnesos, Achaia, Methydrion
Peloponnesos, Achaia, Patrai
Peloponnesos, Achaia, Pellene
Peloponnesos, Kranion
Peloponnesos, Lakonia, Sparta
Peloponnesos, Phlius


Phoenicia, Ake
Phoenicia, Arados
Phoenicia, Berytos
Phoenicia, Botrys
Phoenicia, Byblos
Phoenicia, Caesarea-ad-Libanum
Phoenicia, Dora
Phoenicia, Karne
Phoenicia, Marathos
Phoenicia, Orthosia
Phoenicia, Sidon
Phoenicia, Tripolis
Phoenicia, Tyre
Phoenicia, Tyre, Uzzimilk

Phokis, Delphi
Phokis, Elateia

Phrygia, Abbaeti
Phrygia, Aizanis
Phrygia, Akmoneia
Phrygia, Amorion
Phrygia, Ankyra
Phrygia, Apameia
Phrygia, Appia
Phrygia, Bruzos
Phrygia, Cadi
Phrygia, Colossae
Phrygia, Cotiaeum
Phrygia, Dionysopolis
Phrygia, Dokimion
Phrygia, Eriza
Phrygia, Eucarpeia
Phrygia, Eumenia
Phrygia, Hadrianopolis-Sebaste
Phrygia, Hierapolis
Phrygia, Gordium
Phrygia, Grimenothyrae
Phrygia, Hydrela
Phrygia, Hyrgaleis
Phrygia, Julia (aka Ipsus)
Phrygia, Kibyra
Phrygia, Laodikeia
Phrygia, Metropolis
Phrygia, Midaeum
Phrygia, Nacoleia
Phrygia, Okokleia
Phrygia, Otrus
Phrygia, Peltae
Phrygia, Philomelion
Phrygia, Prymnessos
Phrygia, Sebaste
Phrygia, Siblia
Phrygia, Stectorium
Phrygia, Synnada
Phrygia, Synnaus
Phrygia, Temenothyrae Flaviopolis
Phrygia, Tiberiopolis
Phrygia, Trajanopolis

Picenum, Ancona

Pisidia, Adada
Pisidia, Antioch
Pisidia, Apollonia Mordiaeum
Pisidia, Ariassus
Pisidia, Baris
Pisidia, Codrula
Pisidia, Etenna
Pisidia, Isinda
Pisidia, Keraitai
Pisidia, Komama
Pisidia, Konana
Pisidia, Kremna
Pisidia, Olbasa
Pisidia, Panemoteichos
Pisidia, Pappa Tiberias
Pisidia, Parlais
Pisidia, Prostanna
Pisidia, Sagalassus
Pisidia, Selge
Pisidia, Seleucia
Pisidia, Termessos Major
Pisidia, Tityassos

Pontos, Amaseia
Pontos, Amisos
Pontos, Chabakta
Pontos, Kabeira
Pontos, Kings, Mithradates IV
Pontos, Kings, Mithradates VI
Pontos, Kings, Polemo I
Pontos, Kings, Polemo II
Pontos, Komana
Pontos, Neocaesarea
Pontos, Nikopolis ad Lycum
Pontos, Phanagoreia
Pontos, Pharnakia
Pontos, Sebastopolis-Heracleopolis
Pontos, Trapezus
Pontos, Zela

Rhodes, Kamiros
Rhodes, Lindos
Rhodes, Rhodian Peraia

Samaria, Caesarea Maritima
Samaria, Neapolis
Samaria, Nysa Scythopolis
Samaria, Sebaste

Sardinia, Caralis

Sarmatia, Olbia
Sarmatia, Tyra

Scythia, Sindi

Seleukid Kingdom
Seleucia, Achaios
Seleucia, Alexander I Balas
Seleucia, Alexander II Zebinas
Seleucia, Antiochos I Soter
Seleucia, Antiochos II Theos
Seleucia, Antiochos III The Great
Seleucia, Antiochos IV Epiphanes
Seleucia, Antiochos V Eupator
Seleucia, Antiochos VI Dionysus
Seleucia, Antiochos VII
Seleucia, Antiochos Epiphanes, Son of Antiochos VII
Seleucia, Antiochos VIII Epiphanes (Grypos)
Seleucia, Antiochos IX Kyzikenos
Seleucia, Antiochos X Eusebes Philopator
Seleucia, Antiochos XI Epiphanes Philadelphos
Seleucia, Antiochos XII Dionysos
Seleucia, Antiochos XIII Asiatikos
Seleucia, Antiochos Son Of Seleukos IV
Seleucia, Demetrios I Sôter
Seleucia, Demetrios II Nikator
Seleucia, Demetrios III Philopator
Seleucia, Hierax
Seleucia, Philip Philadelphos
Seleucia, Seleukos I Nikator
Seleucia, Seleukos II Kallinikos
Seleucia, Seleukos III Keraunos
Seleucia, Seleukos IV Philipator
Seleucia, Seleukos VI Epiphanes Nikator
Seleucia, Tigranes II
Seleucia, Timarchos
Seleucia, Tryphon

Sicily, Abakainon
Sicily, Adranon
Sicily, Aetna
Sicily, Agyrion
Sicily, Akragas / Agrigentum
Sicily, Akrai
Sicily, Alaisa
Sicily, Alontion
Sicily, Ameselon
Sicily, Assorus
Sicily, Cossura
Sicily, Enna
Sicily, Entella
Sicily, Eryx
Sicily, Gela
Sicily, Herbessos
Sicily, Himera
Sicily, Hispani
Sicily, Iaetia
Sicily, Kainon
Sicily, Kalacte
Sicily, Kamarina
Sicily, Katane
Sicily, Kentoripai
Sicily, Kephaloidion
Sicily, Kimissa
Sicily, Kronia
Sicily, Leontini
Sicily, Lilybaion
Sicily, Lipara
Sicily, Longane
Sicily, Lopadusa
Sicily, Melita
Sicily, Menainon
Sicily, Messana
Sicily, Messana, Mamertini
Sicily, Morgantina
Sicily, Motya
Sicily, Mytistratos
Sicily, Nakona
Sicily, Naxos
Sicily, Panormos
Sicily, Petra
Sicily, Punic
Sicily, Segesta
Sicily, Selinus
Sicily, Sikeliotes
Sicily, Sileraioi
Sicily, Solus
Sicily, Stiela
Sicily, Syracuse
Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles
Sicily, Syracuse, Deinomenid
Sicily, Syracuse, Dion
Sicily, Syracuse, Dionysios I
Sicily, Syracuse, Dionysios II
Sicily, Syracuse, Fifth Democracy
Sicily, Syracuse, First Democracy
Sicily, Syracuse, Fourth Democracy
Sicily, Syracuse, Gelon II
Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II
Sicily, Syracuse, Hieronymos
Sicily, Syracuse, Hiketas
Sicily, Syracuse, Philistis
Sicily, Syracuse, Pyrrhos
Sicily, Syracuse, Roman
Sicily, Syracuse, Second Democracy
Sicily, Syracuse, Third Democracy
Sicily, Syracuse, Timoleon
Sicily, Tauromenion
Sicily, Thermae Himerenses
Sicily, Tyndaris
Sicily, Tyrrhenoi
Sicily, Uncertain


Spain, Abdera
Spain, Acci
Spain, Acinipo
Spain, Arekorata
Spain, Arsaos-Saguntum
Spain, Bascunes
Spain, Beligiom
Spain, Bilbilis
Spain, Bora
Spain, Caesaraugusta
Spain, Calagurris
Spain, Carbula
Spain, Carissa
Spain, Carmo
Spain, Carteia
Spain, Carthago Nova
Spain, Cascantum
Spain, Castulo
Spain, Celsa
Spain, Cerit (Cadiz)
Spain, Clunia
Spain, Colonia Patricia
Spain, Colonia Romula
Spain, Contebacom
Spain, Cordoba
Spain, Cunbaria
Portugal, Ebora
Spain, Ebusus
Spain, Emerita
Spain, Emporiai
Spain, Ercavica
Spain, Gades
Spain, Ilerda
Spain, Iliberi
Spain, Ilici
Spain, Ilipa
Spain, Irippo
Spain, Italica
Spain, Julia Traducta
Spain, Laelia
Spain, Lastigi
Spain, Malaca
Portugal, Murtilis
Spain, Numantia
Spain, Obulco
Spain, Osca
Spain, Osset
Portugal, Pax Julia
Spain, Porcuna
Spain, Sacili
Spain, Saguntum (Arsaos)
Spain, Saetabis
Spain, Searo
Spain, Segobriga
Spain, Sekaisa
Spain, Sekia
Spain, Sexi
Spain, Tarraco
Spain, Titiakos
Spain, Turiasu
Spain, Ulia
Spain, Uncertain mints
Spain, Ventipo
Spain, Untikesken
Spain, Urso
Seleukis and Pieria
Syria, Abila
Syria, Antiochia Ad Hippum
Syria, Antioch ad Orontem
Syria, Apameia
Syria, Beroea
Syria, Caesarea Panias
Syria, Canatha
Syria, Chalkis
Syria, Cyrrhus
Syria, Damascus
Syria, Demetrias (Damascus)
Syria, Dium
Syria, Emesa
Syria, Gabala
Syria, Gadara
Syria, Gerash
Syria, Heliopolis
Syria, Hieropolis
Syria, Laodikeia Ad Libanum
Syria, Laodikeia Ad Mare
Syria, Larissa Ad Orontes
Syria, Leukas
Syria, Nikopolis-Seleucidis
Syria, Palmyra
Syria, Paltos
Syria, Pella
Syria, Philadelphia
Syria, Seleukeia
Syria, Simyra
Syria, Unknown

Leptis Magna, Oea
Syrtica, Oea
Syrtica, Sabratha

Thessaly, Ainianes
Thessaly, Atrax
Thessaly, Demetrias
Thessaly, Dynasts, Alexander
Thessaly, Gomphi
Thessaly, Gyrton
Thessaly, Homolion
Thessaly, Hypata
Thessaly, Kierion
Thessaly, Krannon
Thessaly, Lamia
Thessaly, Larissa
Thessaly, Magnetes
Thessaly, Meliboeia
Thessaly, Melitaia
Thessaly, Mallia
Thessaly, Metropolis
Thessaly, Mopsion
Thessaly, Oetaei
Thessaly, Olea
Thessaly, Orthe
Thessaly, Peirasia
Thessaly, Pelinna
Thessaly, Peparethos
Thessaly, Perrhaebi
Thessaly, Peumata
Thessaly, Phalanna
Thessaly, Pharkadon
Thessaly, Pharsalos
Thessaly, Pherai
Thessaly, Rhizous
Thessaly, Scotussa
Thessaly, Thebai
Thessaly, Koinon of Thessaly
Thessaly, Thessalian League
Thessaly, Trikka

Thrace, Abdera
Thrace, Aegospotami
Thrace, Agathopolis
Thrace, Ainos
Thrace, Alopeconnesus
Thrace, Anchialus
Thrace, Apollonia Pontika
Thrace, Augusta Traiana
Thrace, Bizya
Thrace, Byzantium
Thrace, Cabyle
Thrace, Cherronesos
Thrace, Chersonesos
Thrace, Coela
Thrace, Deultum
Thrace, Dikaia
Thrac. Cher., Elaeus
Thrace, Hadrianopolis
Thrace, Hephaistia
Thrace, Istros
Thrace, Kallatis
Thrace, Kardia
Thrace / Taur-Chers., Karkinitis
Thrace, Kings
Thrace, Kings, Amadokos I & II
Thrace, Kings, Bergaeus
Thrace, Kings, Cetriporis
Thrace, Kings, Kavaros
Thrace, Kings, Kotys I
Thrace, Kings, Kotys II
Thrace, Kings, Lilarkii
Thrace, Kings, Lysimachos
Thrace, Kings, Mostis
Thrace, Kings, Rhoemetalkes I
Thrace, Kings, Rhoemetalkes II
Thrace, Kings, Rhoemetalkes III
Thrace, Kings, Saratokos
Thrace, Kings, Seuthes I
Thrace, Kings, Seuthes III
Thrace, Kings, Skostokos
Thrace, Kings, Sparadokos
Thrace, Kings, Teres III
Thrace, Kypsela
Thrace, Lysimacheia
Thrace, Madytos
Thrace, Maroneia
Thrace, Mesembria
Thrace, Mostis
Thrace, Myrina
Thrace, Nikopolis Ad Mestum
Thrace, Odessos
Thrace, Odrysae
Thracian Cher., Paktye
Thrace, Pantikapaion
Thrace, Pautalia
Thrace, Perinthos
Thrace, Phagres
Thrace, Philippopolis
Thrace, Plotinopolis
Thrace, Samothrace
Thrace, Selymbria
Thrace, Serdica
Thrace, Sestos
Thrace, Thasos
Thrace, Thrie
Thrace, Tomis
Thrace, Topiros
Thrace, Trajanopolis
Thrace, Tyra

Thraco Macedonian Tribes
Thraco Macedonian Tribes
Thraco Macedonian Tribes, Bisaltae
Thraco Macedonian Tribes, Bottieae
Thraco Macedonian Tribes, Derrones
Thraco Macedonian Tribes, Ichnae
Thraco Macedonian Tribes, Mygdones
Thraco Macedonian Tribes, Orreskioi

Troas, Abydos
Troas, Achilleion
Troas, Alexandreia
Troas, Antandros
Troas, Assos
Troas, Birytis
Troas, Cebren
Troas, Dardanos
Troas, Gargara
Troas, Gergis
Troas, Hamaxitos
Troas, Ilion
Troas, Kolone
Troas, Lamponeia
Troas, Neandria
Troas, Ophrynium
Troas, Sigeon
Troas, Skamandria
Troas, Skepsis
Troas, Tenedos
Troas, Uncertain
Troas, Zeleia

Umbria, Ariminum
Umbria, Iguvium
Umbria, Tuder

Zeugitana, Carthage
Zeugitana, Clypea
Zeugitana, Libyan Revolt
Zeugitana, Utica

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